Homeware haul

8:48 PM

Once my husband moved to Copenhagen and, if everything goes according to the plans, ill move here as well in July, we started to buy some home accessories to make this apartment look like us.
The apartment already have it's own furniture, but i think that with the right decor and more plants we can give life to it. So, here's what we got so far:

Pillivuyt Bastian Kitchen set, we found on Magasin Du Nord, Cph.

Aren't those the cutest coffee cups? They were a christmas gift and I'm in love 

The kitchen is the space the is closest to what we want. Some more herbs and spices pots and should be  done

The basket i bought on Tiger for USD 11,50. I could't find in the website, but you can find similar ones on Kmart for about USD 12 or on amazon (This one for USD 19):  http://www.amazon.com/Designstyles-160001-Copper-Plated-Storage/dp/B012XI50CE/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1454008831&sr=8-6&keywords=copper+wire+basket

And that's it. I hope we manege to make this apartment our home sweet home soon and hope you liked the post. Bye! 

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